The participants can register using the following ways:
Online, E-mail, Online registration closes 28th September 2015 - e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the spot registration of the riders (with distribution of Race number plates and timing chips) can  only be done at the Registration office which will be at Hotel Gabriel during the following working hours: 1st October 2015  15:30 – 17:30

Cost of participation until 30th May 120 Euros
Registrations until 30th June 140 Euros
Registrations until 30th July 160 Euros
Registrations until 30th August 180 Euros
Registrations until 20th September 200 Euros
Registrations after 20th September 250 Euros

UCI License is kept and returned with the return of the number + chip.
Please note that training will not be authorized without a number plate.
Riders who don’t return the timing chip after the event will be charged 25 Euros for replacement. The Registration office will be located at the place of the race.

Registration for M.T.B Open Race
The cost for the M.T.B Open Race is 30 euros for the three days.
The cost for the M.T.B Open Race is 20 euros for the race on Sunday 4th October 2015.

The applications are complete upon payment and the account number is on the online application form.

Categories of the M.T.B Open Race
A1: Ages 16-20
A2: Ages 20-35
A36+: Ages 36+

Terms of participation
Each participating athlete in the event declares that they accept the terms of taking part and that they are in full physical and psychological health taking into account all possible dangers involved in participation.
Each athlete participates and takes full responsibility for their participation accepting that the organization, anyone working for the organization or involved in the organization takes no responsibility for any injury or damage to personal property before, during and after the races.
Each athlete participating accepts and responsibly declares that they will receive no monetary compensation for any photographs, videos, snapshots, results with personal details or interviews taken throughout the event that may be used by the organization for advertising purposes at a later date.

Benefits for Athletes
Full support to the race, health cover -safety-HYDRATION-feeding.
Organization medal designed with the logo which will be given to the first three athletes in all categories.
Certificate of participation to all athletes.

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